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Career Advice for Healthcare and IT Professionals

As a regular feature of our home page we offer advice on career transitions.

In general these are our findings about the career-life-cycle in terms of what it takes to make , whether that's deciding to change employment or down stream in the process actually starting in a new position.

Good Career Decisions:

In this installment we'll describe the thought process we anticipate you'll go through in deciding whether or not to change employment:

Self Assessment:

It's your life and you need to be clear with yourself about how the position you're in meets your career objectives as well as meshes with your present lifestyle.

Gold Ball Are you being challenged in your work? Are the projects you're working on allowing you to grow in the technological areas that you'd like to learn about?

Gold Ball Is the style of the organization one that promotes technical growth?

Gold Ball Is there flexibility around everyday issues that come up in your life?

Gold Ball Are you travelling more than your family-life/relationship can handle or is the level of travel manageable?

Gold Ball Is your management supportive in assisting you to get projects completed; and in giving you the tools to do a better job?

Gold Ball Is the organization reasonably stable; such that you can see at least a year's stability in your present situation? [We're clear that there is no lifetime employment in this country].

Gold Ball Are you fairly compensated for your good work product, time in the field and your academic credentials (as well as being a good team member or leader)?

Gold Ball Are you in a situation that requires you to relocate to be closer to a parent that's getting-along- in- years?

Gold Ball Is it time to relocate to a new area of the country for health or lifestyle reasons?

A friend of ours, Jim Beelaert puts it this way:

" It is wise to ask yourself if you are running away from something negative or are you moving toward something more positive? While there are shades of both in most decisions, generally there is an overriding influence one way or another. Unless you hope to grow as a result of this change (rather than just to escape from something) you should re-examine your motivation."

We hope to be your good partner in making career transitions, if it's your time to make those changes. The Shay Group can also help you by being your Occupational Opportunity Sensing Facility (OOSF)tm; keeping you aware of a potential match with your ongoing career objectives.

As you send us your resume (in Ascii text format cut-and-pasted into your email message) and provide us with you career objectives and background information--upon your request--we'll send you a copy of Jim Beelaert's pamphlet on Graceful Transitions, [written expressly for individuals going through these career issues].